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We have for last 25 years manufactured and supplied Boiler Pressure Parts to various end user and Boiler OEM's.


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Welcome To Thermo Fab Engineers

Thermo Fab Engineers

Thermo Fab Engineers” incepted in 1990 by Er V.K Jain at Saharanpur(U.P) a small place in foothills of Shivalik Range, It is very well geographically located, at the border of three states, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand.We have for last 25 years manufactured and supplied Boiler Pressure Parts to various end user and oiler OEM's. Presently we are focusing in the manufacturing of complete Boilers.We have now expanded our expertise in full fledge boiler manufacturing. Our expertise are in designing, manufacturing and installation of thermal engineering equipments.It also enables us to ensure manufacturing products of High Efficiency & Reliability. Counted among trusted and reliable Boiler Manufacturing company in North India, we are capable of manufacturing Boilers of capacity anging from 0.5 TPH to 100 TPH and above.After achieving success, which can be attributed by getting regular and repeated orders Thermo Fab did not stop here. It entered into the field of Pollution control equipment manufacturing.

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Types of Boiler we are currently manufacturing

Steam Boilers Coil Type

Coil type Steam Boilers having capacity from 100 kg/hr to 1250 kg/hr. Available with and without economizer as heat recovering unit, these ensure thermal efficiency as heat recovering unit, these ensure thermal efficiency of 88±2% based on NCV of fuels.

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Packaged Steam Boilers

The Steam Boilers-Packaged Type are provided with fully automatic pressure jet with high/low step less modulation of indigenous/imported burners.Package boilers are commonly called water or fire tube Boilers.

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Process Boiler

Process boilers play a crucial role in industrial settings, providing steam for heating, sterilization, and chemical processes. Unlike power boilers, they operate at lower pressures and temperatures, tailored to the specific requirements of industrial applications.

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Power Boiler

Power boilers are crucial for electricity generation, producing high-pressure steam to drive turbines and generate electricity efficiently.They operate at elevated temperatures and pressures, utilizing.

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Bi-Drum Boilers

Bi-Drum Boilers, with best efficiency parameter suitable for Medium of Big Scale Units for high pressure.

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  • Commissioned Multiple HP Boilers & ESP Projects: -2020

  • Initiated ESP Design, Manufacturing: -1917

  • Designed and commissioned successfully 80 TPH -87 Kg AFBC Boiler with committed Efficiency: -2015

  • Started Manufacturing small Process Boilers: -2012

  • Started Boilers Repairing Jobs for Sugar & Paper Mills: -1992

Manufacturing equipment :

    Why Thermo Fab Engineers

  • Family driven organization hence can devote time in understanding customer needs and provide tailor made solutions .
  • Renowned for years in manufacturing and supplying quality product from its inception.
  • Meeting fast delivery schedule and can be relied for shut down activity .
  • Workshop equipped with latest and modern machine to give best product.
  • Knowledgably & sincere staff .

Setting up a boiler is like orchestrating a dance of efficiency and safety, where every step ensures warmth without waste and comfort without compromise.

Thermo Fab Engineers
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