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Membrane Type Side Wall Panels Supply side wall panels, industrial wall panels that is available in customized form as per the specifications of our clients

Economizer Element Apart from providing various economizers, we also fabricate element and components for economizers of various make and design

Membrane Panels Membrane Panels fabricated with BQ plate with CNC Bending and MIG Welding 

Super Heater Coils Super heater Coils are used in a boiler to convert saturated steam to Super Heated Steam. The Super heater Coils are specially used in Boilers of Power Plant. We manufacture Super heater coils in various grades of Carbon & Alloy Steel.

Boiler Bend Tubes These tubes have very complicated shapes to allow Inspection openings and burner throats band fabrication require intricate binding on CNC programmable and checking on 3D layouts.

Studded Bed Coils We supply Studded Bed Coils are used in FBC boiler for generation. The Studs are of MS/SS of various thickness and size

We manufacture IBR Carbon & Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings of various thickness and diameter Pipe Fittings such as:-

  • ·    Cocentric / Eccentric Reducers                             
  •      1.5 D/3 D Elbow/ bends
  •      Dish Ends/ Caps
  •      Equal/ Unequal Tee
  •      Forged Flanges
  •      Steam Separators 

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